The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 3

Drunk Factor: 4

In this week’s episode, the crew of the Enterprise is infected with a virus that makes everyone act drunk; unsurprisingly, the Drunk Trek cast can relate! Join us, as we: find out how fully functional Data is, discuss Picard and Crusher’s great unrequited love, and watch as Wesley nearly blows everyone up, for the first, but definitely not last, time!

Castillo eats shits like you for breakfast.

The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 15

Drunk Factor: 5.

This month our theme is Time Travel! Darken the bridge lights, because we’re going to a dark alternate present with this week’s episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise!” In this episode we drunkenly babble about our love for Tasha Yar, our feelings about Wesley Crusher, and the surprising nipple benefits of the Starfleet uniforms…

The Next Generation: Season 6, Episode 8

Drunk Factor: 3.

Our theme this month is Holodeck Mishaps! This week we’re off to the Wild West with the Next Gen episode “A Fistful of Datas”. While visiting the west we discover that Geordi could really use a shave, unfortunate truths about Alexander, and Brent Spiner’s best character yet…

The Next Generation: Season 2, Episode 3

Drunk Factor: Impulse (Control still Intact).

Our theme this month is Holodeck Mishaps! In our very first episode we go to the holodeck mishap episode that started it all, “Elementary Dear Data”! We also learn uncomfortable truths about Data’s nipple functionality and learn that Moriarty really isn’t that bad of a guy, once you get to know him…