The Original Series: Season 3, Episode 22

Drunk Factor: 9

We wrap up “Amanda’s Favorites” with one of the most bat-shit crazy episodes of The Original Series, “The Savage Curtain”! This episode we can barely handle the arrival of Abraham Lincoln into the Star Trek canon; we also get a heaping dose of Vulcan Jesus,¬†Space Hitler, and some really unfortunate makeup choices, don’t miss it!

Deep Space Nine: Season 4, Episode 2

Drunk Factor: 5

This week, we skewer one of the most critically acclaimed Deep Space Nine episodes of all time! Captain Sisko dies and we follow along with Jake Sisko as he mourns his dad for decades after his death. Meanwhile, Amanda, Chris, and Matt talk about the terrible fashions of the early 90s, the unfathomable privacy implications of a ghost dad, and the terrible moral lessons of the episode’s ending!

The Next Generation: Season 6, Episode 15

Drunk Factor: 3

Continuing our March theme of “Amanda’s Favorites,” we go straight into one of our favorite episodes: “Tapestry”! In this episode we discover how unpractical Dom-Jot is, marvel at all the cool one-shot aliens, and discover how bad Picard is in the sack!

Voyager: Season 6, Episode 12

Drunk Factor: Impulse

March is Drunk Trek host Amanda’s birth-month; so this month we’ll be watching a selection of her favorite episodes! We kick the month off with one of Voyager’s great episodes: “Blink of an Eye”. Listen in this week as we discuss the best possible Voyager spin-off, discuss our disdain for plucky kids, and get way too hung-up on the alien prosthetic of the week!