Deep Space Nine: Season 1, Episode 10

Drunk Factor: 4

WTF Month barrels right along with “Move Along Home”, Deep Space Nine’s blatant Jumanji rip-off! When a group of aliens—that are totally-not-celts—make first contact with the Federation, they bring along their strange board game with them! Now the command team is in the board game for real  and Quark has to guide them out! What a twist! This week we tackle this hackneyed premise, discuss the importance of dresses, and Matt enters the Wizard State!

The Next Generation: Season 7, Episode 19

Drunk Factor: 1.5

WTF Month continues! We turn the weirdness factor up to 11, as we watch the patently bizarre Next Generation episode “Genesis”! After encountering a mysterious virus, the crew of the Enterprise begins traveling leftward down the evolutionary chart! Will they re-evolve by the end of the episode? Will Data turn into an iMac? What the fuck is up with Barclay? Tune in and find out!

Plus: We discuss Space WebMD, Maury Povich for cats, and Riker’s surprising ancestry!

The Original Series: Season 3, Episode 1

Drunk Factor: Impulse

It’s Drunk Trek’s one year anniversary! To celebrate, we’re watching the most WTF episodes of Star Trek! Our first episode this month is the supremely weird Season 3 opener, “Spock’s Brain”! Take a listen as we discuss the most improbable search party in history, the lack of IT people in the future, and marvel at Leonard Nimoy’s most nuanced performance to date!