Enterprise: Season 3, Episode 11

Drunk Factor: drunk.

Our theme this month is Time Travel! This week we watch our first Enterprise episode and the last in our time travel series, “Carpenter Street.” Our drunk selves are barely able to handle it; but we manage to discuss our disappointment with the Quantum Leap finale, Chris proves that he knows nothing about dogs, and we discover Scott Bakula’s secret identity…

Deep Space Nine: Season 5, Episode 6

Drunk Factor: 7

Our theme this month is Time Travel! This week we check out the Star Trek 30th Anniversary episode of Deep Space Nine “Trials and Tribble-lations.” We discover the trouble with using tribbles as explosive devices, discuss the finer points of distinction between a trill and a symbiote, and find out Dr. Bashir’s desire to keep it in the family…

Castillo eats shits like you for breakfast.

The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 15

Drunk Factor: 5.

This month our theme is Time Travel! Darken the bridge lights, because we’re going to a dark alternate present with this week’s episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise!” In this episode we drunkenly babble about our love for Tasha Yar, our feelings about Wesley Crusher, and the surprising nipple benefits of the Starfleet uniforms…

Space Meth, Not Even Once.

The Original Series: Season 1, Episode 28

Drunk Factor: 1.

This month our theme is Time Travel! We take our first dive into The Original Series with one of it’s most highly regarded episodes, the classic “City on the Edge of Forever.” We learn about how to use 60’s technology to predict the future, Kirk’s surprising sexual preferences, and the dangers of space meth!